Me Time Sync Series

$496.00 / 4 months  Buy Series 

The most popular series for supporting the dynamic, hardworking body. Receive (4) thorough sessions in four months to maintain physical and mental balance.


  • Thorough Health Intake and Alignment Assessment
  • (4) Sync Therapeutic Massages
  • Clear explanation of issues
  • Appropriate Stretch / Exercise Homework based on your needs
  • Epsom Salt or Muscle Rub with every visit
  • Encouragement and support for your overall path to wellness
  • Convenient Online Scheduling

Troubleshoot to Reboot Series

$255.00 / 2 months  Buy Series 

Receive (3) sessions close together to maximize your troubleshooting results. Back to back appointments are the best way to tackle a problem and eliminate pain.

  • Thorough Health Intake and Alignment Assessment
  • (3) Troubleshoot to Reboot Massages
  • Appropriate Stretch / Exercise Homework
  • Clear explanation of issues
  • Convenient Online Scheduling

Sync Share Package for Couples

$1150.00 / 5 months  Buy Series 

Includes (10) of the popular Sync Therapeutic Massages for you to share with your spouse/partner. Expires (5) months after purchase.