Full-Body Ninety

$150.00  Book Appointment The most popular full body service. (90) minutes of hands-on time, We always provide specific, deep tissue with a relaxing, nurturing touch. Our therapists have a broad range of education, experience, and style, so the additional techniques incorporated into our massages vary by therapist. Please check out our bios for more information on our backgrounds. 

Succinct Sixty

$110.00  Book Appointment 

A goal oriented treatment of (60) minutes of hands-on time. Crick in the neck? Tight shoulders? Sore hip? We’ll address the area to provide relief and offer self-care suggestions to get your body back on track. 

Full-Body Ninety 4-Pack

$556.00 / 5 months  Buy Series 

A wonderful series for supporting the dynamic, hardworking body. Receive (4) thorough sessions in five months to maintain physical and mental balance.

Succinct Sixty Series

$297.00 / 4 months  Buy Series 

Receive (3) sessions close together to maximize your troubleshooting results. Back to back appointments are the best way to tackle a problem and eliminate pain.