Erin Brown

Erin Brown

Massage Therapist LMBT #7580
Classical Pilates Teacher

Smooth-Connected-Medium to Deep Pressure

Erin Brown has been a student of movement and human anatomy her entire life. She began her journey as a young ballerina and transitioned to modern dance as a teen, where she received several scholarships and grants and quickly won the attention of world renowned choreographers for her fierce technique and creative style.

In an effort to avoid feeling trapped by a stagnant cubicle desk job to pay the bills, she immersed herself in the study of massage therapy. Years of dancing and old injuries began to show up in her knees and became troublesome for her massage work. In 2012, she connected with 2nd generation Classical Pilates Instructor, Penelope Wyer-Barrow. Her knee pain virtually disappeared and she acquired a healthy obsession with this incredible method of body conditioning. A few months later, she enrolled in Penelope’s Teacher Training Program, which she completed in September of 2014. She taught with Penelope at Pure Pilates Asheville, while also receiving training and mentoring from Meagan Koehler, owner of RISE Authentic Pilates. She has had the pleasure of attending advanced training workshops with some of the best in the industry: Kathi Ross-Nash, Brooke Siler, Mari Winsor, MeJo Wiggin, Chris Robinson, Murat Berkin, Saul Choza, Blossom Leilani Crawford, Dana Santi, Sandy Shimoda, and Jay Grimes.

In 2021, she completed the additional training “Weekends with Jay” with first generation teacher Jay Grimes, and continues to receive his guidance in virtual self-guided classes.

She currently trains with the incomparable Sandy Shimoda of Vintage Pilates and meets with other teachers in Sandy’s training group called “The Process.”

Erin has a deep understanding of the body and the way its musculoskeletal system operates. For this reason, she is now a favorite among Asheville Area Pilates Enthusiasts, Runners, Yogi’s, Hikers, & Cyclists, to name a few. In addition to her career as a Massage Therapist, Pilates Instructor, & Business Owner, Erin is a dance music aficionado and enjoys hanging with her husband and their little parrot, Diego.

Creds for those interested in such matters:

– 3rd Place Best Massage Therapist of WNC 2018, Mountain Xpress
– 1st Place Best Massage Therapist of WNC 2017, Mountain Xpress
– 1st Place Best Massage Therapist of WNC 2016, Mountain Xpres
– 1st Place Best Massage Therapist of WNC 2015, Mountain Xpress
– 2nd Place Best Massage Therapist of WNC 2014, Mountain Xpress
– Potomac Massage Training Institute, Washington DC
– Authentic Pilates Certification Program, Pure Pilates Asheville
– Nationally Certified Massage Therapist by the NCBMBT
– Active member of the American Massage Therapy Association
– Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, BFA Modern Dance
– Virginia Governor’s School of the Arts, Norfolk, VA
– Old Dominion University Ballet, Norfolk, VA

Virginia (Ginny) Hotze

Massage Therapist LMBT #4984


With 20 years of massage therapy experience, Virginia (Ginny) has a deep therapeutic touch supported by a strong understanding of injury and recovery. As a lifelong runner, skier and skydiver, Ginny is dedicated to helping her clients relieve their discomforts, improve range of motion, and recover from injuries. Upon completing massage therapy education in Phoenix, Ginny spent her first years of private massage practice working directly with a Physical Therapist. She credits this opportunity for providing her with a strong foundation in therapeutic massage and an appreciation for partnering with other health care providers and natural healing techniques to maximize recovery. Ginny along with her husband, Jim, and their pets made the move from the Arizona desert to Asheville 12 years ago. After several years in the spa at the Grove Park Inn, she has returned to private practice to continue her work with therapeutic massage. You will find her blend of various techniques – Deep Tissue, Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Craniosacral, Reiki – well delivered to meet your specific massage needs. In addition, with 8 years of military service, Ginny has an understanding of the unique needs of those who have served and would like to reach out to all fellow veterans. Although now you are more likely to find her on a yoga mat or in the woods, rather than in the air or racing, she continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle balancing family, fun, and fitness. As an athlete and adventure seeker, she is interested in helping others enjoy a healthy, strong, and active lifestyle.

Sarah Fankhauser

Massage Therapist LMBT #9467

Relaxing-Methodical-Light to Deep Pressure

Sarah has been practicing massage therapy since 2009. She completed her massage training in Charlotte, which focused on Neuromuscular Therapy, so she has a deep understanding of the muscular system and how to correct postural imbalances that lead to pain in the body.  She gained extensive experience in South Florida before relocating back to NC in 2015. Her passion in life is to help bring relief to those living with chronic pain, and her goal is to correct postural issues while restoring balance to the body.  She recognizes that each of us is unique, so with careful assessment, she can come up with a plan specifically for the person in front of her. In her free time, Sarah enjoys exploring all of the beauty that WNC has to offer with her fiancé and son.  She is also an active hiker, roller skater, and enjoys anything outdoor related.

Mary Turco

Massage Therapist LMBT #966


Mary has been practicing massage therapy for almost 25 years in the Charlotte, NC area. She still maintains her private practice in Charlotte, but recently bought a home in Asheville and is trying to make this her only and permanent home. She has been interested in maintaining good health since her early 20’s. Mary loves sharing all that she’s learned with her clients to empower them so they can achieve the best possible health, balance and well-being for themselves.

She went to school in the Chapel Hill area of North Carolina for Massage Therapy and graduated in 1994. Since then, she has accumulated close to 2000 hours of additional studies in complimentary and related fields. She specializes in integrating all the techniques and modalities she has learned over the years in creating a thorough assessment and complete therapy session. Her training consists of Trigger Point Therapy, Low Back Intensive Therapy, Shiatsu, Yoga Instructors training, Jin Shin Do®, Bodymind Acupressure®, Touch for Health, Applied Kinesiology, Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage. She also uses passive movement, stretching, and myofascial techniques in her therapy sessions as needed.

She believes everyone’s path and healing process is a very personal and individual process, so no one session is a duplicate of the last session. She chose to study a wide range of various modalities to broaden her therapy tools, so she may provide a holistic approach to healing and staying healthy.

Elizabeth Huntley

Classical Pilates Teacher

Elizabeth is a dancer, dance teacher, and exercise enthusiast. She was first introduced to Pilates through her dance training. She was told that Pilates would help give her the strength and agility necessary to improve her dance technique. After taking her first Pilates class, she was hooked. It not only allowed her to find the stability and alignment necessary for injury prevention, but it was a full-body exercise system that encouraged her to work from a place of strength using her “powerhouse” or “core.” It increased her stamina and strengthened her mind-body connection in beautifully detailed ways that she carries through her day-to-day life. Though she has utilized many varied exercise methods in her lifetime as a dancer, and constantly changes her workout routines, one constant she continues to maintain is Pilates. The Pilates method can be utilized in any workout or daily routine, and nothing seems to make her muscles burn as much as a good Pilates session. She is an active Pilates practitioner and wishes nothing more than to help you begin (or continue) your Pilates practice.

Anne Mettee

Classical Pilates Teacher

Anne discovered Pilates as a way to gain strength and rebuild stamina after the birth of her third child in 2003, and knew immediately that she wanted to learn everything there was to know. She trained, apprenticed, and has been fully certified in both contemporary and classical Pilates.
The Classical work is what appeals to her most of all. True transformation is possible and probable by doing the work as Joe Pilates intended it – with structure, repetition, and the joy of using the body fully and completely.

Teaching has always been a part of Anne’s professional life; She is a former competitive diver and runner, and has coached many sports. She has taken courses in anatomy, Pilates applications for runners, dancers, hip and knee replacements, posture, scoliosis, osteoporosis, and more. Anne is also certified in Gyrotonic and TRX.

It brings her so much happiness to see the way Pilates supports and transforms her clients in the studio everyday.

Kevin Fuller

Massage Therapist LMBT #16989

Intuitive – Steady – Adaptable

Kevin completed his massage therapy training here in Asheville in 2017 and has been practicing steadily ever since. After fine-tuning his skills at multiple spas and a private practice in northern California, he has recently relocated back to Asheville to continue building his bodywork career. Intuitive touch is an important aspect of his practice, listening and feeling into clients’ tissues to find the right pressure at the right pace. This allows him to hone in on problematic areas using aspects of trigger-point therapy to effectively help each client move towards active relief from chronic aches and pains and more acute discomforts. He has been consistently building upon his foundations of Swedish and deep tissue work, integrating modalities such as Thai and Shiatsu style stretching and range of motion techniques to help open locked muscles and joints. Using a combination of these modalities, Kevin will carefully craft a massage experience unique to the needs and preferences of each individual and provide professional recommendations for the next steps in their treatment plan. As an avid enthusiast of the outdoors, Kevin spends much of his free time on trails and in the mountains, eagerly exploring new areas and fresh views. Often accompanied by his guitar, his passion for music plays an integral role in his life.

Kimberly Hauer

Massage Therapist LMBT #19635


Kimberly is an intuitive practitioner with a versatile set of skills & knowledge in both holistic and sports medicine. Before studying anatomy & physiology at CUNY, she trained w/ Yee’s Hungga International Kung fu Association for 5 yrs, earned 2 martial arts certificates and gained valuable insight regarding body mechanics & TCM. Kimberly has been attuned in Reiki with the Usui Shiki Ryoho Association System of Natural Healing since 2013, and is a registered member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She attained her license to practice massage from the NY State Board in 2016.

Ms. Hauer has worked with individuals from all walks of life, ranging from billionaire to houseless, and extreme bodybuilder to those experiencing severe disability. “I treat everyone the same, regardless of who they are; with empathy & compassion.”
Kim continues her healing & holistic studies here in WNC focusing on herbalism, mycology, and permaculture. She is proficient in Swedish & Deep Tissue, Trigger-point Therapy, Myo-fascial Release, Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Thai Yoga Bodywork. Her style of manual therapy combines different modalities depending on client needs to deliver the most results.
“I think the best path to good health is an open mind. There is no one-size-fits-all method to healing. I respect a person’s unique journey and offer deep listening. My sessions are effective because I work within the clients comfort level and focus on their goals for the day.” Ms. Hauer is able to address multiple health concerns, communicate and plan treatment with care & attention to detail.
“I’m excited to perform bodywork in a studio that offers both a release of hypertension as well as strengthening; this is the optimal approach to musculoskeletal well-being.”