Classical Pilates Lessons with Gratz & Contrology Equipment

“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.”

-Joe Pilates

Sync Bodywork is dedicated to the original Method developed by Joseph Pilates.  Our private studio is passionate about delivering quality instruction and sweaty workouts, while also addressing the individual’s fitness goals and injuries. A Pilates workout is designed to build strength, stretch, and control in the entire body.

Virtual Self-Directed Group Pilates Class (approval Required)

$29.00 / 55 minutes

Unlike most group classes, this is limited to a small group for four participants who want the independence of a self-guided workout, along with the watchful eye of a teacher who can give personal feedback. We believe in the progress, exploration, and beauty of your own practice and pace. Apparatus and props are welcome if available, but a simple mat works too. Get outside your comfort zone and take your Pilates study to new heights!

Single Classical Pilates Lesson – In-Person or Virtual 


Experience Pilates as it was meant to be practiced without all the unnecessary fluff, distracting music, or fusions of other exercise modalities. We teach “The Work” – uncomplicated and incredibly effective. We offer the same personalized, one-one-one instruction on Zoom, as we do in person. You might be delighted and surprised by just how much your teacher can see and assist online. Apparatus and props are welcome if you have them available, but a simple mat works too.

Return to Life 16 Series


  • Become a stronger, more balanced version of yourself with 16 Private Lessons (In-Person or Virtual).
  • 5 month expiration

Stronger 8 Series


  • Study the system with one of our highly trained instructors and see how much your strength increases. (In-Person or Virtual)
  • 4 month expiration

Fun 4-Pack (4 Lessons)

$310.00 / 2-months